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Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Access Point...


The defining characteristic of WIA is the Access Point Workforce Center. These centers provide job seekers and employers a wide range of services. Georgia has over 45 comprehensive Access Point Centers, at least one per local area. In addition to the comprehensive Access Point Centers, most local areas contain non-comprehensive sites that can provide some of the services offered by WIA. Non-comprehensive sites may include technical colleges, welfare offices and community based organizations.


The services provided by WIA are subject to participant eligibility and are separated into three categories. These are Core services, Intensive services, and Training services. While every Access Point Center, both comprehensive and non-comprehensive, will be able to provide Core services, not all non-comprehensive Access Point Centers are able to provide access to Intensive and Training services. Core services usually include, among other services, new customer orientation to job seeker services, information on training/education offerings, financial aid application assistance, labor market information, and tips for regaining employment after a layoff.



Intensive services are provided to individuals if the participant is deemed eligible, and is determined to require more than core services, intensive services will be provided. Some of the Intensive services provided include individual career planning, short-term prevocational services, and comprehensive assessments. Training Services are also provided to participants deemed eligible to receive them. If a participant is eligible for Training services, an Individual Training Account will be created that will be used to fund their training or re-education.

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